Preparing For Standby Mode…

I’m sure it doesn’t come as a surprise, but I’m gonna put the blog ‘on hold‘ for a while. Damn, Bobo won’t be amused…

PS I’m currently working on a new blog about retro games (mainly C64).



This is Bobo speaking

🐻 Ok guys, have to be quick. I hacked into Soosh’s account, this bitch won’t let me post here anymore.

Sooo Mr Admin, where’s your post, huh? “Em, yeah, I’ll publish something by Sunday, haha‘. Yeah? And where is it? An empty promise, that’s what it is (was?!). Do you think it’s funny spending all this time in a fucking bunker with Damien? With DAMIEN of all people? This dude is getting on my nerves! C’mon you lazy shit, write something before I come and stick a baseb£(%(“%^*^()£$%)”$£)!$)%(&)%^&(%£)”$£ [SIGNAL LOST]

Will be back shortly

Yep, the adventures of Damien and Bobo will continue. Ten days without a post, it’s about damn time I publish something new.

So here you go: SOMETHING NEW

But seriously, I needed a short break. Same for Damien and Bobo. And they’re looking forward to kill some more Zombie mofos and don’t wanna wait any longer.

So get ready for some drama. How much longer can Damien handle the verbal abuse of a teddy bear? Will Bobo just walk out? Or will they make love?

Find out this week!

A message from Bobo

Hi, I’m Bobo. You might remember me from such episodes as ‘Of Hedge Trimmers and Spitters‘ and ‘A Shocking Encounter‘. Damien and I recently went to a hotel, causing havoc amongst the Zombie inhabitants, great fun! And the dude who writes this blog told me that he’ll publish a new post within the next couple of days. He started a new blog some days ago, y’know, and just changed themes, it looks so much clearer now.

Hm, I think that’s it. So keep on rockin’!

🐻 Bobo

Shameless self promotion

Nkay, I have a confession to make. Instead of writing a new post for Grim Days Ahead I spent my time working on a new blog. 🙂


No no no, please, let me explain 😳 Em, actually there’s nothing to explain. What I’m trying to say is that I won’t abandon Grim Days Ahead. It’s all good. 🙄

Here it is, still in its humble beginnings, with strange colour choices, ugly looking logo and weird grammar all over the place.